A series of short books on Canada's most shocking crimes from the recent past and long ago, curated and edited by true crime masters, author publisher RJ Parker and crime historian Peter Vronsky, Ph.d., and written by some of Canada's leading true crime writers and journalists.

Robert Picton
Robert Pickton:
The Pig Farmer Killer
by Chris Swinney

Robert Pickton, inherited a pig farm worth a million dollars and used his wealth to lure skid row hookers to his farm where he confessed to murdering 49 female victims; dismembering and feeding their body parts to his pigs which he supplied to Vancouver area restaurants.
This is the first book in a multi-volume series edited by crime historian Dr. Peter Vronsky and true crime author and publisher RJ Parker. Each month we will publish a book of some of Canada's most notorious shocking criminals, written by various authors, and published under VP Publications.
Mark Lapine
Mark Lepine:
THe Montreal Massacre

by RJ Parker

With extreme hatred in his heart against feminism, an act that feminists would label 'gynocide', a heavily armed Marc Lépine entered the University École Polytechnique de Montreal, and after allowing the male students to leave, systematically murdered 14 female students.

But what motivated Lépine to carry out this heinous crime? Mass murderer, madman, cold-blooded killer, misogynist, political zealot? Or was he simply another desperate person frustrated with his powerless status in this world? The case of Lépine has been debated among the most prestigious criminologists in the country. This account entails some of the most controversial opinions of these experts to date.
Only one thing is known for sure - Lépine's actions on December 6, 1989 radically changed this country and why he did what he did is much more complex than we will ever know.

Bernardo Homolka
Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka:
The True Story of the Ken and Barbie Killers
by Peter Vronsky

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka were so perfectly iconic as a newlywed couple that they were dubbed "Ken and Barbie". But their marriage had a dark side involving sex, death, and videotape. The 'perfect couple' first raped and murdered Karla's little sister and then kidnapped teenage schoolgirls whom they enslaved, raped, tortured and killed while gleefully recording themselves on video doing it. Vronsky will take you on the journey from the Scarborough Rapist (Bernardo) to Bordelais (Homolka's current last name) and her return to Canada in October, 2014 from the island of Gaudeloupe where she lived for several years with her husband and three children.


<<WARNING>>> This book contains police and court transcripts of audio and descriptions of extremely graphic sexual violence contained in videotapes made by the perpetrators that some may find disturbing. 
Shirley Turner
Shirley Turner:
Doctor, Stalker, Murderer

by Kelly Banaski

On November 6, 2001, Dr. Andrew Bagby was found dead in a parking lot for day use at Keystone State Park in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. He had been shot to death. There were five gunshot wounds as well as blunt force trauma to the back of the head. He had been shot in both the face and chest as well as the back of the head, back and buttocks. He was left face down in the parking lot in his scrubs, next to his Toyota Corolla. He died there.

The bizarre murder case entaied far more than death, although it has that threefold. It   brought to light a woefully inept Canadian legal system and the frighteningly dark mental descent of a woman scorned.  While evidence was steadily mounting against her, the suspect Dr. Shirley Turner dropped everything, left her car, apartment and every worldly possession, and fled to Canada.  There, she gave birth to Andrew's son, Zachary.  Held in jail on a warrant from Pennsylvania, she wrote to a judge. Against legal precedent, this judge wrote her back and gave her legal advice on how to proceed with her case. Pennsylvania authorities presented overwhelming evidence for her extradition back to the US;  her lies were exposed, her gun casings matched and witnesses placed her car next to his at the time of the murder.

What happened next is one of the strangest decisions in legal history.     WITH PHOTOS
Luka Magnota
Canadian Psycho:
The True Story of Luka Magnotta
by Cara Lee Carter

Murder, necrophilia, dismemberment and an international manhunt – while the case of Luka Magnotta reads like a work of fiction, it is in fact a true story of an individual with a long history of mental illness in a gruesome attempt to gain notoriety. The horrific murder and mutilation of 32-year-old Concordia student Lin Jun shocked and captivated the nation. From the time the body was discovered, to the capture of Magnotta, and through the ensuing two years it took for justice to be served, the country anxiously waited for the outcome of the trial in December, 2014. This book chronicles the journey that led Luka Magnotta to become known as the Canadian Psycho. 

WITH PHOTOS  <<<Warning>>> Crime scene photos included that some might find extremely disturbing.
Cody Legebokoff
The Country Boy Killer:
The True Story of Cody Legebokoff, Canada's Teenage Serial Killer
by JT Hunter

He was the friendly, baby-faced, Canadian boy next door. He came from a loving, caring, and well-respected family. Blessed with good looks and back-woods country charm, he was popular with his peers, and although an accident at birth left permanent nerve damage in one of his arms, he excelled in sports. A self-proclaimed “die hard” Calgary Flames fan, he played competitive junior hockey and competed on his school’s snowboarding team. And he enjoyed the typical simple pleasures of a boy growing up in the country: camping, hunting, and fishing with family and friends. But he also enjoyed brutally murdering women, and he would become one of the youngest serial killers in Canadian history.
Killer Handy Man William Patrick Fyfe
The Killer Handyman: William Patrick Fyfe

by CL Swinney

A harmless-looking man moved to Montreal looking for a new start and to get off drugs. Somewhere along the line, his urge to prey on unsuspecting women, something he'd done and kept a secret for twenty years, became too much to keep inside. William Fyfe, aka "The Handyman Killer," snapped, leaving at least nine women brutally beaten, murdered and sexual abused (post-mortem). If not for the diligent work of a criminal forensic specialist and her discovery of a single fingerprint, Fyfe may have continued to kill at will, keeping Montreal residents, particularly single middle-aged women, mortified and sequestered in their own homes.
Hell's Angels Biker Wars
Hell's Angels Biker Wars:
The Rock Machine Massacre

by RJ Parker

For eight years, two outlaw biker clubs fought to control street-level drug sales in Quebec, Canada. The notorious Hells Angels went up against local drug dealers, the Mafia, and a rival biker club, the Rock Machine. Bombings and bullets was no stranger in the streets and many unfortunate bystanders got caught in the crossfire. When the smoke cleared and dozens of outlaws arrested, over 150 people were dead.

This true crime book depicts the history of both clubs and the events known as the Quebec Biker War.
Dark Stangler by Michael Newton
The Dark Strangler: Earle Leonard Nelson
by Michael Newton

Nicknamed at the time “The Gorilla Man” for the savagery of his rape and necrophiliac murders, Earle Nelson is one of history’s early “pioneer serial killers” committing more than twenty horrific murders. Nelson targeted landladies mostly whom he met through ‘room to let’ classified advertisements. He carried a well-worn Bible for appearance to reassure his female victims before brutally strangling them, raping their corpses, and making a cursory attempt to hide the bodies.

In 1926, following the murder of Laura Beal, the newspaper reporters began calling him “the Dark Strangler.” Also dubbed the “Original American Monster” Nelson killed women, not only in multiple US cities, but eventually he crossed the border into Canada where he killed several women before authorities finally arrested, convicted and executed him. In an era before the term “serial killer” had been coined, Nelson was a true serial killer as we today define them.
Alchohol Murders
The Alcohol Murders:  Gilbert Paul Jordon
by Harriet Fox

A serial killer whose appetite for alcohol and forced sex led to many deaths.

Unlike any others in the known history of serial killers, Gilbert Paul Jordan used alcohol to murder his victims. Preying on women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Jordan's insatiable taste for drunken sex led to his cold blooded killings. Nothing stopped Jordan as he eluded the criminal justice system having never been charged with murder even though he was responsible numerous times over.

The driving force behind Jordan's evil was his egocentric desires that led him on a fifty year criminal record path causing havoc along the way. Delving into Jordan's crimes, alcoholism and mental illnesses, his life tells a story all his own, and it is no wonder why, Gilbert Paul Jordan became one of Canada's most notorious serial killers. 
Peter Woodcock
Canada's Youngest Serial Killer: 
Peter Woodcock
by Mark Bourrie

Peter Woodcock was Canada's youngest serial killer when at the age of seventeen he brutally raped and murdered two boys and a girl between the ages of four and nine. He was held not guilty by "reason of insanity" and instead of prison was confined for 34 years in a criminal psychiatric facility and offered treatment. On July 13, 1991 he finally had earned his first day pass ever and was allowed to briefly go off the facility grounds into town to visit a DQ for an ice cream. What Woodcock did within the first hour of his first day pass stunned many people and made national headlines. 
Clifford Olson
The Beast of British Columbia: Clifford Olson
by Elizabeth Broderick

Eleven children between the ages of nine and eighteen-years-old were abducted, raped, sodomized and either strangled or knifed to death. Clifford Olson was not only a serial killer, but a true psychopath. And once again, the Canadian government made a deal with the devil, as they did with Karla Homolka and Dr. Shirley Turner. Olson held the location of the bodies for ransom and was paid $10,000 for each burial site.

This is a definitive, intense and graphic account of Olson and the eleven kids he murdered.
Taking Tori
Taking Tori:
The True Story of Terri-Lynne McClintic & Michael Rafferty

by Kelly Banaski

An 18-year-old woman abused from birth and a chronic con man collide to concoct the most evil pairing since Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo. Acting on a long-time fantasy, Michael Rafferty convinced Terri-Lynne McClintic to kidnap, rape and kill 8-year-old beautiful Victoria Stafford. The events that followed divided the community and changed the lives of an entire town.
Bandits & Renegades
Bandits & Renegades:
Historical True Crime Stories

by Edward Butts

Historic Canada is often thought to be dull and peaceful compared to the 'Wild West' of the United States, but Edward Butts reveals that 'Wild North' Canada had its own share of murder and mayhem, pirates, terrorists and gunslingers.

Some Canadian-born criminals even made their way to the United States, like 19th century female serial killer and slave dealer Patty "Devil Woman" Cannon who kidnapped free African Americans for the slave trade or Depression-era 'Public Enemy' bank robber Alvin "Creepy" Karpis from the Ma Barker Gang.

Bandits & Renegades shows us the hidden dark side of Canada's past.
Invisible Victims
Invisible Victims: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
by Katherine McCarthy

Imagine as a parent trying to explain to your daughter that she is in danger and you cannot guarantee her safety. In Canada, while overall crime is at an all-time low, Indigenous women and girls are more likely to be victims of violence, more likely to disappear and more likely to be murdered by a serial killer than their non-Indigenous counterparts.

In recent months, one has only to turn on the news or open any social media site to hear about the national crisis Canada is facing with Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. However, this was not always the case. For decades, it has been Canada’s dirty little secret. But the horrific murders of Loretta Saunders and Tina Fontaine in 2014 made headlines across Canada, ignited widespread outrage and brought this crisis to the general public’s eyes and ears.

So why is the level of violence towards Indigenous women reaching crisis levels? There is no easy answer to that question. On a general level, centuries of discrimination, along with the effects of the residential school era and many other government policies have led to systemic racism towards Indigenous people. Attempts at genocide didn’t cease centuries ago like many believe. They just became more subtle.

Invisible Victims is a shocking work that shines a spotlight on this national crisis and its root causes. It includes several specific cases and a review of the serial killers who have specifically targeted Indigenous women and girls as a result of the apathy of Canada's law enforcement, media and government.
Above Suspicion The True Story of Serial Killer Russell Williams Above Suspicion: The True Story of Serial Killer Russell Williams
by Alan R Warren

Young girl’s panties started to go missing; sexual assaults began to occur, and then female bodies were found! Soon this quiet town of Tweed, Ontario, was in panic.

What's even more shocking was when an upstanding resident stood accused of the assaults.

This was not just any man, but a pillar of the community; a decorated military pilot who had flown Canadian Forces VIP aircraft for dignitaries such as the Queen of England, Prince Philip, the Governor General and Prime Minister of Canada. This is the story of serial killer Russell Williams, the elite pilot of Canada’s Air Force One, and the innocent victims he murdered. Unlike other serial killers, Williams seemed very unaffected about his crimes and leading two different lives.

Alan R. Warren describes the secret life including the abductions, rape and murders that were unleashed on an unsuspecting community. Included are letters written to the victims by Williams and descriptions of the assaults and rapes as seen on videos and photos taken by Williams during the attacks.

Purgatory In Isolation: The Most Dangerous Woman in Canada by Diana Montane

Albert Johnson Walker: Betrayals and Murder
by Amanda Dawn Clothier

Yonge Street Shoeshine Boy Murder
by Robert J. Hoshowsky


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